What you said about the Teachers Training...


"The three months I spent with Valentina and fellow trainees was a life changing experience for me. Valentina led and inspired us every step of the way. Her depth and breadth of knowledge is extremely impressive and her practice second to none. The high standards set by Valentina ensured that I ended the course not only confident and competent to teach yoga, but more self aware and truly inspired to take my yoga further. I now teach yoga on a regular basis and I thoroughly recommend this course to not only future yoga teachers but anyone who wishes to deepen and improve their knowledge and practice of yoga"
Belinda, London

"When people ask what it is I do, I say: ‘I’m a yoga teacher’. Oh, you can’t imagine how nice that is! I graduated as a teacher in December 2011 and within 10 months I was busy with regular gym and corporate weekly classes. Teacher Training quickly paid for itself and, in practical terms, just four weekly classes paid my rent. And once you show that you can give a good class and be reliable you will be asked again and again to cover classes - which tops up your income.
I happily teach a variety of styles due to the very practical nature of Valentina’s training. Her course will set you up to teach Ashtanga, Hatha, Power, Vinyasa, and adapt the class to a beginners and intermediate level, including adjustments. You’ll be able to judge the mix of abilities and injuries in a class and apply your training to give an effective class. Really crucial to the course is Valentina’s experience of teaching in London and understanding the very particular character of the yoga class in this country.
So teach! Get out there and teach! What are your doubts? I had mine. 
I’m not ballet-trained nor a contortionist nor any other discipline that would make ‘standing splits’ a remote possibility - I have the hamstrings of a runner/cyclist. However, the perspective you bring to a class makes you unique in the world of teaching. Be an honest teacher and care for your students, that’s all! For me, no job since graduating (in the media and PR) has provided a way of life I am at ease with, offers endless training opportunities for career development and, crucially, surrounds me with people I am comfortable with. It makes previous ambitions seem artificial and irrelevant. In terms of being valued, a day in the office never ended in sincere thanks, a room of happy faces, or a regular sense of achievement. I constantly wonder why I didn’t make the change before". 

Tania, London


"I found my three months training with Valentina incredible. My own practice, understanding and experience of yoga, confidence as a teacher, personal wellbeing and appreciation of life, have all noticeably improved. Valentina is a gifted teacher with an inspirational practice. Her nurturing, knowledgeable and charming approach to the challenging course content was commendable. I met a great group of people and continue to enthusiastically recommend this course to anyone who’ll listen. Thanks Valentina".
Brendan, London

"The course was more than I could have hoped for; both in cementing the direction of my personal yoga journey and in providing me the teaching tools to be able to share yoga with and inspire others to a path of peace and self-discovery.  For her countless talents, Valentina is incredibly skilled in conveying the methodology of teaching yoga, which was for me the single most important take away from my teacher training course.  Of course, a collateral benefit is that my own practice has improved thanks to Valentina's incessant drive for technical perfectionism in herself and her students!  From my very first class as a new yoga teacher, I have felt confident in being able to safely and effectively teach yoga to students of all levels and I owe all the thanks and enjoyment of students in my classes to Valentina's excellent teaching.  Thank you for so generously sharing your vast experience and knowledge, Valentina!'  Lisa, London "

"It was lovely to be trained by someone so professional and passionate about yoga like Valentina. The teaching was well paced and well organised. Amazing preparation and content. The course was a beautiful journey indeed! I would recommend this training to anyone interested in becoming a yoga teacher."
Maite, London


"I would thoroughly recommend this course. It has given me a deeper understanding of yoga both physically and spiritually. Valentina is a very committed and gifted teacher with an amazing knowledge of theory and history of yoga. It has changed my outlook on life and has given me the skills and confidence to teach. It's one of the best decisions I have ever made and feel a great sense of accomplishment. Thank you!"
Alex, London

"Thank you for an incredible three month journey. Through your teachings, knowledge and understanding I got to know myself in a deeper more spiritual way and appreciate every aspect of life to the full. It was one of the best decisions in my life and I'm very thankful to have you as my teacher.'
Maria, London


"I found the Teacher Training truly enlightening and inspiring. It has opened up my understanding of Yoga, enhanced my own practice and increased my confidence as a teacher. It was challenging but nevertheless enjoyable! I experienced Valentina as a very committed and giving teacher. Thank you very much Valentina!"
Iris, London

The whole course from start to finish was enlightening and empowering. Valentina gives you every tool in the box to feel confident to go out and teach straight after the course.  With her genius way of teaching us, the philosophy, the practice and the body are incorporated and she stands by you and supports you the whole way

Valentina helped me starting to teach after the course, giving me the chance to cover her classes and recommending me to the studio managers.

It has been a life changer for me and now teaching out in the Yogi world I understand that I know so much and so little and it's all about the Practice 

Thank you Valentina 🙏


What you said about the yoga holidays...

"I just wanted to drop you all a note to say thank you so much for a wonderful few days. It really was such a pleasure to spend time with such a lovely and diverse group of people.
Valentina, the yoga was amazing & I thank you for all you taught us... I think I am going to struggle to find classes that match your incredibly high standards (I went to a class at a gym in Manchester on Sunday... The lady spent an hour and a half warming us up with gentle stretches before warming us down with a gentle relaxation. Not a bead on me! And here was me hoping I might be able to earn myself a bowl and a half of pasta - not a chance. As for the ice cream... Am in mourning!"

Emma, London

"Valentina - the Italy experience blew me away that I am recommending Yoga holidays to everyone.
Thank you does not seem enough for all that you shared with us - but for now, that's all I have to offer ;-) The week was amazing - your ears must be burning since I am talking about you so much - to anyone at work who will listen. My motto for the next couple of weeks is "do not stress me out" if you going to, come back in a couple of months. Seriously, I gained so much from the trip - not just the Yoga and the food . .. I learned what I am willing to tolerate and how it is important to choose what to expose myself to and the importance of rest!
The group was lovely - such nice people - glad all our paths crossed. They all added a different spice to the flavour of the week.
Jacqueline, London 

"Greetings from Parma!!!
It has been a very nice stay for me and I miss all of you very much. Nice people you are.
I hope every one will continue on the road for enlightment, the world needs our consciousness.
Best wishes"
Enrico, Parma - Italy